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"Enter to the majestic Colibrí and rest after a hard day of adventures and battles." -says an elegant ONI bowing.
What is the Colibrí Espacial?

It's the name of a ship "Ogrika Jod Asteris", a legendary and luxurious Capital class cruiser that will serve all those adventurers of the Star Atlas game (see "Factions") who comes to her and wants to spend some time relaxing and being well looked after by our on-board staff.

Theater "Rex"

The ship has a large-capacity theater for organizing live events with a varied program for all tastes. Sit in one of their seats, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show while you recover your health and energy. (When the game is available, in a long time, we will put the "schedule" on this website).

Restaurant "Paparajote"

Stop by our large dining room if you also want to share anecdotes of your adventures, look for missions or information about a company you're involved in or simply grab a seat and taste the best cuisine and liquor store in the galaxy, mesmerizing yourself with its impressive views. The best products brought from remote places directly to your palate.

Medical Center "Arrixaca"

Are you injured, do you need assistance? Our qualified staff will take care of leaving you like new in our medical center. Trust in the best hands and facilities to fully recover and feel like new. We want all our clients to enjoy the Space Hummingbird experience in their best states of health and well-being.

Paradisiacal Environment "Fuentes del Marqués"

Take a walk, walk through the elegant corridors and surround yourself with the amazing natural environment created for you to enjoy views that invite you to relax with its impressive waterfalls and large trees. Share your experience on your universal social networks and take photos in the sculptures and other works of art that you will find throughout the ship.

Hangar "Juan de la Cierva"

We also have a hangar (limited places) so you can leave the ship during your stay on our cruise. The same care that we want to give you, we want to give to your ship.

"With a ship of this category, it only serves us to reach excellence in our work". -comments the elegant ONI.
The people think (Social Networks)
"Nuevas ideas de negocio viene surgiendo en @staratlas Imaginas un Mega Concierto en una Ogrika Jod Asteris ?"
"Se podra ofrecer un servicio de relajacion y carga energetica con sonidos terapeuticos con instrumentos como gongs y cuencos tibetanos? Con gafas y auriculates de alta definicion lo ceo posible!!!"
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