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Actually there are 59 ships spread across 15 different role types to suit the gameplay that each person wants to experience in the Star Atlas universe.

Fighter Ships
Fighter Bomber Bounty Hunter
Logistics ships
Transport Freight Miner Ground
Various Uses Ships
Racer Data Runner Multi-Role

Before going into the description of each type, you should know that there are different sizes and quantities of ships classified by rarity. The sizes range from XX-Small, the smallest with the size of a large motorcycle (they are also the cheapest and ideal to enter the game with a very low budget), to the Titan-sized ships, which will have a size hundreds of meters long (they may even exceed a kilometer in length). In terms of rarity, there are the common ones, which are usually the smallest and most numerous, hence they are the cheapest, up to the authentic Anomalies, of which there will be very few and they will be the most coveted.

Keep in mind that the larger the size of the ship, its thrusters, weaponry, and shields will be superior to smaller ships. Also the fuel tank, so they can travel further. Keep this last in mind because as you run out of fuel in the middle of your trip you will not be able to do anything and you will have to ask for your ship to be towed, with the corresponding expense.

Let's get down to business...

Fighter (21 ships)

It is the most numerous and necessary type of ship in times of war, as in Star Atlas. They serve, like all battleships, both for attack and defense of objectives. You can find them in all sizes and prices, as well as for all factions. Choose yours and go on the attack!

Bomber (5 ships)

In any war, the support of authentic bomber ships is needed. With strong firepower and superior payload capacity, these ships will come in handy for attacking infrastructure and paving the way for subsequent attack by battleships. The largest have the power to change the physiognomy of an entire planet.

Bounty Hunter (3 ships)

If big battles aren't your thing and you're more into going alone, feeling like a true Mandalorian, bounty hunter ships are for you. Travel the universe looking for contracts to capture 'dead or alive' the most dangerous enemies. You will earn a good amount of money doing commissions for clans and powerful people.

Rescue (2 ships)

In every war there are wounded, that is inevitable. With these ships you will be able to move around the battlefield helping your allies by launching rescue drones to pick up the wounded and objects lost by the wrecked ships. It is just as important in a war to cause casualties as it is to recover allies to continue with the mission.

Salvage (1 ships)

Salvage ships are available for the collection of components and other items that end up floating around in space after a battle or when a ship breaks and spills its contents. Having one of these ships you can then sell the collected in the secondary market.

Repair (1 ships)

If your ship has suffered a breakdown or needs some touch-ups by brushing against an asteroid while you parked it, with the repair ships you can leave it as good as new. During or after a battle there will be many ships that need to be repaired and you can earn a good income for being a space mechanic.

Refuel/Repair (1 ships)

Every vehicle needs fuel to function and these ships are precisely for that function. If you are on a planet there will be no problem getting fuel, but in deep space there will be no way to refuel without help. Warn or hire one if you see that you do not reach your destination with the fuel you have left in your ship before being left stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Transport (5 ships)

For any being (whether human, alien or robot) that does not have a ship with enough fuel capacity to reach a distant destination, these types of ships are available. With them you can travel from one destination to another with the comfort of being taken. The largest, the Ogrika Jod Asteris acts as a true vacation cruise with capacity for an entire community, which allows you to enjoy a walk among the stars, has large windows to enjoy the views and includes a theater for live events. Enjoy life and rest comfortably in one of these ships, disconnect and recharge before returning to your obligations.

Freight (6 ships)

Freight ships will be able to carry large amounts of merchandise from one planet to another. Everything that is harvested, everything that is traded, if you need to take a shipment to another place and it does not fit in your ship, you can hire the services of this type of ship. And if you want to get some extra money running some risk, you can always carry some contraband (don't get caught by the authorities).

Miner (3 ships)

We can find planets rich in resources, asteroids with valuable materials or some other source of wealth that has to be extracted. These ships perform that specific function, that of mining said resources that will be used to trade with them or to be able to refine them, create new, higher quality materials and use them to create ships and other useful objects.

Racer (6 ships)

Feel the rush of speed with the fastest ships (in their corresponding sizes). Because it's not all about traveling around planets and shooting enemies; you will also be able to make a name for yourself on the leaderboards of the most important championships in the universe. Sign up for the races available in the area where you are and participate in the eSports that will be created for them. Another use would be that of exploration ships, to travel a newly discovered planet quickly and flee, if you find yourself in danger you will move away as quickly as possible.

Data Runner (3 ships)

The science ship par excellence; Scan zones, planets, asteroids, and other locations to collect important information that you can sell to interested people or give to your clan to help find valuable resources. This ship will have a vital use in the exploration of the unknown universe.

Multi-Role (2 ships)

It is the wild card of Star Atlas. It has different uses, from transporting people to entertainment, as well as the use of drones for mapping and exploration. With this type of ship you have a little of everything from the rest of most ships, except for the most specific ones.

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