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If any copyright is infringed, please contact me through the contact form on this website. (Contact).

All images shown as posters, as well as those used on the ship and object cards belong to Star Atlas and the graphic artists involved in the creation of said images.

The web's animated star background is available at Redeando's Blogspot.

The animation of the planets can be obtained from @Aneeshsharma on

The typography used on the web was chosen from various types of royalty-free fonts, both for personal and commercial use. The font is called "DaggerSquare" and the author is Néstor Delgado.

Calendar based on the one created by Artyom for Tutofox; bugs fixed and improved by me to add event handling with MySQL.

The font used in the calendar for events is "Assistant", designed by Ben Nathan and Adobe Systems Inc.

The image galleries used on the web are based on the code of Emilio Dominguez at

All other social media icons and others belong to their respective owners.

The other rights, such as the programming and content of this page belong to its owner. No default template has been used for the creation of the sections and menus, considering all original work.


Star Atlas Perú, member of "Star Atlas Peru", for his help and publicity.

Dmitry Blagorodov, because of him I am in love with the Ogrika.

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