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Places of Visit
Central Space Station
We will visit the three central space stations, one for each faction. You can buy in the commercial area, visit the headquarters of the most important guilds or take a walk through the residential areas and their gardens.
Have a fun time with the best comedians in the galaxy.
DJ's and musicians will liven up your stay with these musical events. Throw a few dances around the room or sit back and enjoy the show.
From clan and guild presentations to product presentations, everything has a place here.
Get together with your loved ones to discuss your business, reserving the entire theater for yourselves.
Do you have something to contribute to the community and do you have the knowledge? Educate people about your topic and share your wisdom with the rest of the interested parties.
Theater (Screen)
Race Broadcasts
The best races in the universe shown on a giant screen. Support your favorite pilot and vibrate with the speed of the Opal Jetjet or its little sisters.
Watch streamers live no matter what planet they're broadcasting from.
Animation shorts, full movies, all royalty-free multimedia content can be put.
As long as there are no events and to take advantage of the space, ads will be placed in a loop.
Outside Area
Meet by areas of the ship with other adventurers in a group to share moments of relaxation.
Guided visits
Do you want to know all the corners of the ship? Scheduled guided tours will be made where you can visit places not allowed for the public.
Take part, solve puzzles, pass tests and the winner will receive a prize.
Test your skill and speed in an obstacles race from one point of the ship to another in the shortest possible time. The winner gets a prize!
Med Bay
If you are injured or need healing, here you can heal yourself or buy what is necessary for it.
Ship rental
Don't have a ship? Don't worry, you can rent one to move to the nearest planet for missions or tourism.
Transport service
We have a few Fimbul Lowbies to take you and bring you wherever you want, with the cheapest Star Atlas rates.
Population: 47
Ships: 1
Objects: 95
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